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Single Layer Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Casting Film Production Line , Plastic Film Extruder Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: YAOAN
Certification: CE
Model Number: AF-3200
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: WOODEN BOX
Delivery Time: 30-90 DAYS
Payment Terms: TT,LC
Supply Ability: 100 SETS PER MONTH
Material: PP, PE Layer: 3
Screw: 120mm Warranty: 1 Year
LD: 30:1
High Light:

cast film extrusion line


plastic film extruder machine

Single Layer And Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Casting Film Production Line



♦ CPP Film

CPP film that is, polypropylene film cast polypropylene, also known as tensile polypropylene film, according to different uses can be
divided into Universal CPP
(General CPP, abbreviation Gcpp) thin film, aluminized grade CPP (Metalize CPP, Short mcpp) thin film and cooking grade CPP (retort
CPP, abbreviated RCPP) film, etc.
CPP is a polypropylene (PP) film produced in the plastic industry through a flow-extrusion process. This kind of film is different from
Bopp (bidirectional polypropylene) film,
which belongs to the non oriented film. Strictly speaking, CPP films are only in the direction of longitudinal (MD) orientation, mainly due
to the nature of the process.
Excellent clarity and smoothness are formed on the thin film by cooling quickly on the cold cast roll.


♦ CPP Stretching Film Making Machine

CPP film is made of PP resin and other additives by Flow-cast which it is used for goods packing and wrapping.


♦ Process Flow:

PP resin powder and other additives mixed by mixer — vacuum loading, plastified and extruded— film outflow by cast die head —

cooling and forming — slitting on line — oscillating

— two-position full-automatic wind-up and roller-changing— edge trimmer — finished film rolls in box — curing in curing room

(confirm the curing time according to room

temperature variation) — sales.


Single layer and multi-layer co-extrusion casting film production line, high speed and professional, active and multi-application. The most optimized production line configuration is suitable to many kinds of raw material: PE, PP, PA, PET, EVA, etc.
Design for following application:
A) CPP, CPE casting film
B) High obstruction film containing PET and PA, usually used in food paking
C) On line single-direction stretch film
D) LLDPE, LDPE and EVA film, felted film, fresh-keeping film
3-layer co-extrusion casting film machine
Product width: 1000-2400mm
Product thichness: 0.012-0.05mm
Max. Line speed of the machine: 30-180m/min
Feature: Adopted high-speed surface winding-up device and dividing and cutting on-line.


In a cast film extrusion process, a thin film is extruded through a slit onto a chilled, highly polished turning roll, where it is quenched from one side. The speed of the roller controls the draw ratio and final film thickness. The film is then sent to a second roller for cooling on the other side. Finally it passes through a system of rollers and is wound onto a roll.

Thicker polymer sheets can be manufactured similarly. A sheet is distinguished from a film by its thickness; by definition a sheet has a thickness exceeding 0.25 mm. Otherwise, it is called a film.
The cast film process is used for very tight tolerances of thin film, or for lowviscosity resins. Most flat dies are of T-slot or coat hanger designs, which contain a manifold to spread the flowing polymer across the width of the die, followed downstream by alternating narrow and open slits to create the desired flow distribution and pressure drop. Most cast film lines manufactured today are coextrusion lines, combining layers from as many as 7 extruders into the product through multimanifold dies, or else single manifold dies with the aid of feedblocks.


Single Layer  Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Casting Film Production Line , Plastic Film Extruder Machine 0


Single Layer  Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Casting Film Production Line , Plastic Film Extruder Machine 1


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