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How to divide the density of epe foam sheets?

August 18, 2019

Epe foam sheet is a common product in daily life, but little is known about the density of epe. The density of domestic epe foam sheet is calculated in kg/m3. How many grades of epe foam sheet are currently on the market? Today, YAOAN will explain it to everyone.

The daily epe density is 19kg-27kg/m3, and the second high density epe is 35kg/m3. Generally, the higher the density, the better the quality of the product, because the high density means that the epe recovers faster after being subjected to an external force. This also indirectly indicates that the use of epe to package the goods, to ensure that the products in the package are not subject to external damage.

It is worth noting that high-density epe foam sheet has a lower softness. However, it can guarantee a certain degree of flexibility after being stressed. At present, the epe density level of the market is many, depending on the needs of customers.

Epe density calculation formula: density (kg/m3) = pearl cotton volume (length * width * thickness)

The above is the Chinese epe density standard. The epe density on foreign drawings is: 2.6PCF, 4.0lb. In Europe and the United States, they use traditional units of measurement, PCF is a shorthand for pounds/m3, and 2.6PCF is referred to as 2.6 pounds in China.

How to divide the density of epe foam sheets?

How to divide the density of epe foam sheets?